Berlin Postcard

Berlin is a BINGO Blitz room unlocked at level 35.

Room Details

  • Level unlocked: 35
  • Cost per card: 6 Credits
  • XP per daub: 9
  • Credit payouts: 6 to 144
  • Coin payouts: 180 to 1800

Collection Items

  • Brandenburg Gate (Shadow Card only)
  • Dachshund (Shadow Card only)
  • Beer Stein (Free Gift item)
  • Bavarian Pretzel (Free Gift item)
  • Haus der Kulturen der Welt
  • Dirndl
  • Tracht
  • Bratwurst
  • Beethoven
  • German Shepherd
  • Bauhaus
  • Cuckoo Clock

Collection Completion Rewards

Upon completing this collection, you'll be able to collect an additional 10 Daily Credits every day you log in. You'll also be awarded with a unique dauber and special picture frame!

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